Doves – Carousels

It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.  Eleven years have passed since Doves released their last album Kingdom Of Rust.  When I heard the first play of Carousels by Doves on Lamacqs show a big wave of excitement came over me, it was like being reacquainted with an old friend. I instantly grabbed my phone to ensure that all members of AMP were listening to this new single and sharing the moment.  Being completely honest, during the last eleven years I don’t recall many times when I have longed for new music by Doves or maybe even thought about them as much as I should have, until that moment when Lamacq mentioned he was about to play the new song by Doves.  There is no logical explanation for this as this is a band who I have loved since Lost Souls was released in 2000, a band who I have had many a good night watching their gigs and playing their albums.  Carousels serves as a timely reminder why we should have perhaps missed Doves a great deal more and appreciate the genius of this band. Carousels is an incredible piece of music, within the first minute you will be blown away.  The song will engulf you with a gigantic wave of nostalgia and take a firm hold of you.  The percussion, strings and overall sonic brilliance all combine to give us one of the most atmospheric, fascinating and uplifting songs we are likely to hear all year.  As for the vocals, simply perfect.  Jimi Goodwin spoils us with a melancholy sound that leaves us feeling warm and safe.  The song is about going to a fair as a kid and experiencing different sights and sounds for the first time.  Writing songs in this way is what has always made Doves stand out.  Their songs are full of romance and lead the listening on a reflective journey inviting us to reminisce of days gone by. There has been no news yet of a new album release, however, I am sure there will be an announcement in the not too distant future.  There has to be an album, there is no way the band can treat the world to a song as exceptional as Carousels and not follow this up with a new album.

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