Denuo – Helen No

Is it me being my usual over excited self when it comes to hearing new music or are we truly living through a period of great new music at the moment?   Every time I sit down to write I find myself lavishing praise towards every band / artist I hear.  For that I make no apologies.  AMP has only ever written about music we love and will continue to do just that.  Which is exactly what I am doing now on listening to the new single Helen No from Denuo. Denuo is no stranger to us.  We have been writing about and sharing our love for Denuo for the past eight years and will no doubt continue to do so for the rest of our existence.  When news broke of a new single from this wonderful artist my excitement levels instantly went through the roof.  After listening to Helen No numerous times my excitement levels have remained very high indeed. As soon as you hit play you will instantly be drawn in by the gentle ambient sound which within seconds merges into some gorgeous twinkling uplifting sounds and an infectious drum beat that nicely leads us towards the vocals.  For those of you familiar with Denuo you will know how lovely and comforting the vocals are.  The song wastes no time at all in getting to the chorus. Just past the minute mark we find ourselves being treated to a chorus full of joy that will be sure to elate your mood.  From this point on there really is no going back.  You will by now be head over heels in love with Helen No.  Every sound you hear during the entirety of the song will lift your mood and quite simply improve your life. Lyrically at times the song appears to deal with themes of looking for your place in the world “Am I growing tired? / Is there something more? / I don’t recognise who I was before / What do I say? / Where do I belong?”  If you are looking for one more reason to love Helen No, just in case I haven’t given you enough reasons already then the female voice you can hear belongs to Sophie Ballamy who many of you will know and love from Kidsmoke. Have a listen to Helen No and I am utterly convinced you will share my passion and joy for this song and artist.  Once you have listened please head over to Denuo’s bandcamp page where you can purchase Helen No for £1 and if you are feeling flush and are able to do so you can treat yourself to his entire collection for £11.19.  Go on treat yourself….you deserve it. 

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