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Five years ago AMP magazine fell in love with Danielle Lewis from West Wales when we heard the EP ‘Dreams Grow’. Looking back at our words from the time this is what we said: “Danielle Lewis is without a doubt heading for the stars, record labels will soon be fighting for her signature, she has so much talent in putting together songs, can do uplifting pop music and heart melting tender songs that leave you lost for words.  Without meeting her, just by listening to her music, she seems a humble and grounded person who is chasing her dreams in music the right way without selling her soul to the devil”.  

Five years on I still stand by those words. Danielle Lewis is an absolute star who the world needs to love and cherish. Since that time Danielle has released several EP’s and individuals tracks that can be purchased from her Bandcamp page. In April this year she released her latest single ‘Flower’. Ok, maybe we should have written about this sooner, but do release dates really matter, especially in the current climate. If you come across a song that you love and want to share your love and excitement then there really is no timescale on when you need to do that by.  

As I sit here in South Wales on a wet summer’s afternoon in July watching the rain gently leave its marks on my window, the clouds covering the sky, this song about Flowers needing water seems the perfect soundtrack to the afternoon I am having. Flower is such an alluring piece of music. The lofty melodies, high reaching vocals and the combination of piano, strings, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keyboards guarantee this is a song that will leave a big impression on everyone who has the pleasure of spending time in the song’s company.  

Please take time out from the world, purchase Flower now. It will encourage you to slow down, allow any stress and anxiety you may have to pass. Music is a powerful healer, and Flower certainly gives us all of that and more. If you have yet to have your life enriched by Danielle Lewis it really is never too late.  


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