Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers

The greatest songs are always those that are written from the heart; ones where we get a true understanding of the song writer’s world and what they are experiencing at the time of writing. With ‘Old Flowers’, the new album from Courtney Marie Andrews, we are treated to a collection of raw and intimate songs, full of emotion which give us lucky listeners an insight into the heart and mind of this wonderful musician. Old Flowers is an album that sees Courtney ending a relationship she had been in for nine years, arriving at that moment of realisation that it was time to walk away. These songs are full of heartbreak but also hope and looking forward to new starts. I recommend you get a box of tissues by your side whilst you listen as you will be moved to tears. 

“When I wake up in the morning next to him it makes me want to cry / but I cannot bring myself to let it go and say goodbye / cos I’d know it would hurt you too”  WOW! Just Wow! This is exactly what I am talking about when I say the best songs come from the heart. These lyrics are from ‘Guilty’ which is just one of the incredible moments on this album where Courtney pours her heart into these songs and deals with the real life emotions about ending a relationship. ‘Together or Alone’ sees Courtney looking at her life, the times she spent in this relationship and coming to an acceptance that it is time to say goodbye and one day be able to look back at the happy times “I hope one day we’ll be laughing together or alone”. Courtney also takes a moment to consider if, in an alternative universe, things would have ended up differently. “In some other lifetime would you have picked me out again / would I have chosen to have stay and see us through until the end”

The dramatic piano sound and passionate vocals during ‘Carnival Dream’ will take a firm hold on you as Courtney asks the question “will I ever let love in again”.  By this stage in the album you will be firmly hoping that Courtney is able to love again and find the happiness that this wonderful human being deserves. ‘Old Flowers’ has a great structure with every sound we hear complimenting the next in a marvellous way.  The lyrics highlight that moment when it really is time to move on “You can’t water old flowers”  “I’m alone now but I don’t feel alone”.  ‘It Must Be Someone’s Else’s Fault’ is one of the most infectious songs on the album, with soaring melodies and vocals that will latch on to everyone that hears this song. 

Old Flowers is an absolute masterpiece of an album, it will be one that I return to on many occasions in my life. It is one that will provide comfort, hope and inspiration for anyone going through similar circumstances. If for some reason you are yet to be convinced by the magnitude of Courtney Marie Andrews then the last song on the album ‘Ships in the Night’ will surely convince any casual listeners that we are in the presence of greatness as Courtney takes a mature approach to ending this relationship and hoping that her ex partner finds happiness “Hope your days are even better than the ones that we shared and I hope that you find love settle down somewhere”.  It takes a very special person to have that thought as something comes to an end. Courtney Marie Andrews, thank you for sharing your heart with us and giving the world these beautiful poetic songs that will last forever. 

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