Colorama – Chaos Wonderland

If you want to immediately capture your listeners attention and instantly gain their focus, then psychedelic and mysterious melodies are certainly the way to do it. That is exactly what we get with ‘And’ the track that opens the fantastic new album Chaos Wonderland by Colorama. This is the seventh album from Colorama and is one that will enthral us from start to finish. For many of us touring and recording with the likes of Edwyn Collins and The Pretenders would be enough. For Carwyn Ellis the creative mastermind behind Colorama that is only part of the journey. Everything this man is involved with has come from a marvelous and vivid imagination which crosses all kinds of musical boundaries. Chaos Wonderland is full of so many soundscapes and a plethora of musical influences that have clearly challenged and pushed Carwyn to create an album that will be sure to stand the test of time. ‘Dusty Road’ with its rolling percussions, hushed vocals and compelling melodies takes you on a journey that never ends, allowing your imagination to take you away. With this song as your soundtrack it is going to be a fun and memorable ride. ‘Me and She’ is an affectionate and gentle song that will be love at first listen. ‘Black Hole’ has some real spaced out vibes that you will get lost with. Some of the greatest songwriters are those that observe everyday life and turn what they see into a pop song. Carwyn has done exactly that with ‘Crosville’, which is a wonderful story of a couple at a bus stop getting wet and arguing about whether to wait for the bus or hitch a ride;“It doesn’t have to be this way, but you know it could be worse, maybe we should try and risk it”. ‘Except You’ continues in the singer/songwriter vein. The soothing melodies really allow Carwyn’s voice and lyrics to enter your psyche. The story behind this song is someone at home wanting that one person to visit, everybody else seems to visit except that one person they want to see. Every song on Chaos Wonderland tells its own story, and has come from a place of greatness. I honestly could wax lyrical about this album all day. Before leaving you to discover and enjoy this album for yourself, I would just like to share my love for ‘Conchita’, the stand out ballad on the album that will see many of us falling in love with the world around us. “On nights like this a moment could last forever, the moon, the stars, the two of us lying together, if time stood still, right now I’d think I’d be in heaven, I truly don’t believe I’ve seen anything better”. How can anyone not love a song that has such sweet, romantic lyrics and guitar playing of such magnitude. I was going to leave you, but one more mention has to go to the album closer ‘Reconciliation’ which in my mind already is a modern day soul classic. If we were out in the clubs surely this would be a great song to end the night with. Colorama has once again given an album that is diverse, brilliant, exceptional and any other adjective that could be used to describe pure greatness. Chaos Wonderland is available to purchase as a download and to pre-order the physical copy for release at the end of August. Please get this album now, it really will be money well spent. Enjoy every moment that you spend with this album, whilst wondering what Carwyn has in store for us next, as you can be sure he will already be thinking of his next creation.

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