Carwyn Ellis and Rio 18 – Mas

I am sure it will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening to anything that Carwyn Ellis has been involved with to hear how incredibly amazing his latest release is.   Mas is the second album Carwyn has recorded with Rio 18.   It was originally scheduled for release in 2022, however, due to Carwyn’s touring commitments being curtailed by COVID and not being one to sit at home and do nothing Carwyn thankfully decided to finish this album and release it sooner. Mas is an album that the world is in desperate need of right now.  From start to finish it just makes living on planet earth a much happier experience and has the power to transport you to a different time and place.  This last year has seen so many restrictions placed on our lives.  We have not been able to travel as freely as we have become so accustomed to, however thanks to music and this album in particular we are able to travel the world without leaving our house.   Music has always been a big escape for me and opened up so many doors to other worlds.  Mas has certainly taken me on a wonderful colorful journey of escapism that I will be sure to return to many more times over the coming months. Reflecting on this last year, the one thing that we should all hold on to dearly and remember going forward is that we are all human beings living on this beautiful world together and all share the same problems.   It should not be about individual governments, and nationalism, it has to be about togetherness a collective human spirit and belief in humanity.   Mas addresses so many important common themes that we all experience, floods, climate change, migration and the rise of megacities.   It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, these issues affect us all and we all have to come together to do something about it. The opening track Ar Ol Y Glaw (After the Rain) was written following the murder of Geroge Floyd this track will make us all stop and think whilst indulging ourselves with the beautiful melodies that drive the track.  Cwcan (Cooking) has some fantastic funky, soulful moments and percussion that will leave you hanging on in suspense.  Dwyn Dwr would provide the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing day gazing out at the sea with nothing to do than just look at the world around you and feel so glad to be alive.   Golau Glas (Blue Light) deals with a topic that the majority of us are affected by – too much screen time.  This track reminds us that we spend our working days glued to our laptops, then for downtime we get sucked into our phones.   We really need to think about this, switch off the blue light and get outside in nature.  Blue light and too much screen time is not good for the health of the world.   I especially love the fast and playful beats within this track, driving the important message of this track firmly in our minds. Speaking about enjoying nature Cestyll Papur is a track that conjures up so much beautiful scenery whilst listening to the whimsical melodies and relaxing vocals that envelope us in such a graceful way.   The album continues with one exceptional track after another, it really is one where you will discover new sounds with each listen.   Before leaving you to enjoy these discoveries for yourself I will highlight two more tracks; Cwmwl Pluog (Feathery Cloud) which was written about the murmuration of starlings.   Close your eyes whilst listening and the image of starlings flying together will instantly come to mind and you will feel warm, happy and safe.   I love the dream like sounds to this track and the gorgeous twinkling sounds.   Dwfn which brings the album to a close in a very peaceful and relaxing way, I am sure I heard the sound of waves whilst listening and was instantly transported to a very happy place. Carwyn Ellis and Rio 18 you really are all beautiful human beings.  Thank you so much for giving the world this inspiring and life affirming album and lifting our spirits. Grab your copy of the LP from our sister site Applestump Records now.

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