Campfire Social – Everything Changed (EP)

Campfire Social are without a doubt one of life’s gems. Since I first heard this band around four years ago I have lost count of the number of times I have been left with a feeling of happiness and a great big smile on my face thanks to this beautiful band. Every time I hear them on the radio I am left with an overwhelming feeling of joy and belief that everything is going to be ok. In my mind I have a clear memory of watching Campfire Social in Le Pub and it was one of those gigs that I just didn’t want to end. Everything Changed is their latest release on Mai 68 records. This is a six track EP that is going to see us all go skipping into Spring with an optimism that we haven’t had for sometime. The EP opens with the title track which can best be described as a perfectly crafted pop song. The guitars, keyboard, drums and vocals all come together in such a harmonic and majestic way. The video is also a lot of fun.

It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind) is a sweet, thoughtful and reflective song with lyrics that have been written from the heart “It’s not even as if we were always unhappy, I remember you smiling the first time I asked”. The song is arranged in a way that allows the song to capture your heart and take you on a journey where you believe every word that is being sung. Awake in the Wake of a Wave is yet another reason why Campfire Social deserve being talked about as one of the greatest pop bands walking planet earth right now. Don’t try and be too cool for school, no matter where you are you will find yourself clapping, dancing, singing and basically enjoying life and letting all your worries disappear whilst you are in the company of this song.

Speak Louder has a very melancholic feel to it, with some gorgeous euphoric sounds that manage to leave a lasting memory ensuring this is a song you will not forget in a hurry. The lyrics provide us with some great life advice which we all need to follow and share with others “ As long as you have hope you’ll be alright, just find that one thing you love and hold it tight.” On the Subject of Death has some very tender and delicate sounds that provide the perfect partner to the emotional lyrics and vocals that will allow the listener to think deeply about this song “It’s just another life I played out in my head”. I love songwriters who capture feelings and memories within their lyrics. Lyrics that trigger us listeners to think about our own lives whilst enjoying these songs. The EP closer Wherever You Rest Your Head is one of those songs that does all of that and more. “We’re clearing out the house where I once lived, and there’s an empty room that’s bursting at the seams with memories and vivid dreams, all the things we’d say we’d do but never did”. As with every song on this EP this closing song is the sound of friends who come across as loving nothing better than writing and performing songs as a band together. If you have yet to have your lives enriched by Campfire Social then the Everything Changed EP really is the perfect way to start. It will be one of those EP’s that you will listen to over and over again and that feeling of joy and happiness will never fade. The vinyl version comes in a lovely turquoise colour and you can pre-order it on our sister site Applestump Records.

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