The start of a year is always a good time to look for new bands to introduce yourself to.  I love spending January (as I do most months of the year) looking for new bands to invest my time in.  After two successive weeks of being played on Adam Waltons BBC Radio Wales show I have been well and truly introduced to Brrds.   Whilst listening to Lanterns In the Winter during Adams show on 02nd January I headed straight to the bands bandcamp page and purchased the Lanterns EP, hopefully you will do the same after reading this. I have been unable to find much of an online presence from Brrds which is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows you to focus more on the music.   Bandcamp tells us that Brrds are a duo from rural South Wales.   Their name comes from an 80s computer programme designed to stimulate and predict birds’ flocking behaviour. They record in their mountai-side studio, Shaker Heights, a barn described as being full of wheezing synths, creaking computers and masking-taped drum machines.   Their appears to be one EP available Lanterns and this is one that you can truly lose yourself in. Lanterns in the Winter opens the EP with some very hypnotic melodies and sounds that will capture your heart mind and soul from the off.  The sounds you hear will continue to loop around your head and in so doing ensure your attention does not drift away.   When the vocals enter the song we are treated to a somewhat heavenly sound that you will be sure never to forget.   As already mentioned when listening to this song for the first time on the radio I had to find out more about this band and ended up buying the EP before the song had finished.  Sea Boat Night Scene comes in at just under two minutes and is a wonderful sonic experience that allows you to close your eyes and conjure up so many images of peaceful scenery.  One Day All This Will Be A Memory is built around dreamy rhythms and melodies that make you feel warm and happy inside.   Blurring The Lines ends the EP with yet more sounds that will capture your imagination. The Synths, drums, rhythms, melodies, vocals are arranged in such a way that will ensure this is a song and band that you will be returning to many more time throughout this year.  As far as musical beginnings to a year go discovering bands like Brrds is definitely a great way to start 2021.  Please head over to bandcamp now purchase this EP, the money also goes to Fareshare, an organisation fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

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