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Album Review: Pixy Jones - Bits n Bobs

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

We all have bands we cherish, bands who for some unexplained reason have not gone on to sell millions of records or captured the hearts and devotion of people throughout the world. El Goodo, in my view, were one of those bands who should have conquered the world, they were without a doubt one of the most creative and most imaginative bands to grace Planet Earth over the last twenty years, however life does not always work out the way we think it will.

From El Goodo guitarist to solo artist

El Goodo came to an end after the release of their last album Zombie in 2020, an album that helped me a lot during that very strange year. Thankfully we have not had to wait long for music to arrive from guitarist and songwriter Pixy Jones who has released his debut solo album Bits n Bobs and it is already a firm favourite in my household.

Why do we love Bits n Bobs?

The album opens with I’m Not There and we are instantly transported back to the 1960’s, the production and overall sound are very evocative of days gone by. There are many lyrics within this song that we can all relate to, we have all had times in our lives where our bodies have been present but our minds are drifting away, “I sit and stare, nothing much is getting my attention”. The combination of sounds and vocal harmonies sees Pixy harmonising with himself, giving added weight to the argument that Pixy Jones is one life’s great singer songwriters. I Got Lost follows and instantly draws you in with catchy melodies, rhythms and vocals that firmly hold the listeners attention. Hold Your Tongue is a great example of how to craft a pop song, a pop song that should be played on every available radio frequency. Confusion is a beautiful, sweet song that has dreamy melodies and vocals that will see you falling head over heels in love with this song. Around the 1:48 mark the song takes a twist that Paul McCartney would have been proud of, the twist would not have been out of place on Sgt. Pepper.

‘Bits n Bobs’ is truly a solid launch to any solo career. - Hive Magazine

Bad Throat captures all those feelings that we have when we have concerns around our health, we contemplate our future, and any life changes that we need to make. “I woke in the morning and the sun didn’t shine, I got up early with the weight on my mind, explained to the Doctor I got a lump in my throat.”. This is a great reflective song about navigating the health system, the song has a happy ending and is one that will provide a comfort to many of us. As an added bonus Sweet Baboo pops up here to make what is already a perfect album that bit more special.

Pixy Jones has given us an album that can be enjoyed by everyone, get yourself a copy, get one for your parents, grandparents, great grandparents. Bits n Bobs is an album that unites generations.

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